Media Pluralism Monitor  

The annual report, which monitors media pluralism in several European countries. Co-financed by the European Commission and coordinated by the European University Institute.


Less Hate, More Speech

An Experimental and Comparative Study in Media and Political Elites’ Ability to Nurture Civil, Tolerant, Pro-Democratic Citizens. The research project examines the role political elites and mass media play, intentionally or unintentionally, in reducing or promoting anti-democratic and intolerant...


Transparent Parliament

It’s an online application that allows citizens to check and evaluate the activity of Members of Parliament. Currently its researchable and user-friendly database is available for the MPs in the lower house of the Parliament. It also features several...


EU ENGAGE Project 

It inquires into the current tensions between supranational EU governance and popular mobilisation at the national level critically questioning EU driven policies and EU legitimacy. It proposes remedial actions based on sound empirical research on the relationship between public...


The Industrial Relations in Europe Conference 2013

IREC 2013 was organised for the first time in Bucharest between 12-14 September 2013 by the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration in collaboration with the MRC. It was funded by CNCS – UEFISCDI through the project...



A project focused on the inequalities in post-communist societies and their impact on the consolidation of democracy. A three year Framework Programme 6 funded project coordinated by the University of Oxford.



A project having as main focus the deliberative civic involvement in the decision-making process in the EU. It was implemented by an international consortium coordinated by the University of Siena, Italy, funded through Framework Programme 7 of the EC...


Rethinking Individual Representation

The project addressed a fundamental question for democracy, namely whether there is a link between candidates’ election campaigns and legislative behaviour. We collected data on the campaign styles and strategies of the candidates running in the 2012 Romanian parliamentary...